Guras Spice House Menu Price List – USA

Are you looking for Guras Spice House Menu Prices in USA then check here below I have listed Menu with updated price in 2023.

All prices are taken from the Guras Spice House. The following are some popular items that you might find on the Menu:


Menu Price
Papadam (GF) $3.99
Vegetable Samosa (G) $5.99
Onion Pakora (VG) $4.99
Vegetable Pakora (VG) $4.99
House Mixed Snacks $8.99
Chicken Pakora $5.99

Note:- *(GF) = Gluten-free. (G) = with Gluten. (V) = Vegan. Please let your server know of any allergies

Tandoor Bread

Menu Price
Mix Bread Basket (G) $10.99
Lachha Paratha (multilayers flatbread) $2.49
Aaloo Paratha (G) $4.49
Tandoor Rooti (G) $2.49
House Sweet Naan $4.49
Cheese Naan (G) $4.49
Onion Naan (G) $3.49
Garlic Naan (G) $3.49
Plain Naan (G) $1.99

Vegetable Specialties

 Sandwiches Menu Price
Mattar Paneer $13.99
Mattar Mushroom $12.99
Paneer Makhani $13.99
Malai Kofta $13.99
Paneer Tikka Masala $13.99
Saag Paneer $13.99
Baingan Bharta $12.99
Vegetable Coconut Curry (V) $10.99
Yellow Daal (V) $12.99
Bhindi Masala (V) $12.99
Tofu Vindaloo Curry (V) $12.99
Saag Aaloo (V) $12.99
Daal Maharani (V) $12.99
Aaloo Matter (V) $12.99
Chana Masala (V) $12.99
Mixed Vegetable Curry (V) $12.99
Aaloo Gobi (V) $12.99

Chicken Specialties

Menu Price
Chicken Korma $14.99
Chicken Makhani – Butter Chicken $14.99
Chicken Saag $14.99
Chicken Tikka Masala $14.99
Chicken Mango Curry $14.99
Chicken Coconut Curry $14.99
Chicken Mushroom $14.99
Chicken Jalfrazi $14.99
Chicken Curry $14.99

Biryani and Seafood  Specialties

Menu Price
Egg Biryani $12.99
Shrimp Biryani $16.99
Lamb Biryani $15.99
Chicken Biryani $14.99
Vegetable Biryani $12.99
Shrimp Curry $16.99
Fish Curry $16.99
Shrimp Coconut Curry $14.99
Shrimp Tikka Masala $16.99


GURAS SPICE HOUSE a multi-cuisine restaurant. Since company opened its doors in 2013 customers are treated like they are a part of family. They offer a wide array of cuisines that includes Indian and Nepalese. Worked on extensively by a team dedicated to innovation and finesse, the menu is redesigned keeping in mind the preferences of our patrons. Gifted chef can be trusted to bring to your table all your favorite dishes and some which may not be as familiar, but delicious nonetheless.

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