Jamba Juice Menu with Prices in Philippines

Are you looking for Jamba Juice Menu Prices then check here below I have listed Menu with updated price in 2023.

Jamba Juice is a popular American chain of smoothie and juice shops. It was established in 1990 and offers a variety of smoothies, fresh juices and other blended beverages. Jamba Juice is known for using fresh fruits and vegetables in its drinks to provide a healthier option for customers.

All prices are taken from the Jamba Juice PH. The following are some popular items that you might find on the Menu:

Tea Refreshers
Name price
Appple N’ Berry 115
Juice Day Tuesdays
Name price
Juice Day Tuesdays 100
Sip and Snack Duo
Name price
Sip and Snack Duo 400
Classic Smoothies
Name price
Razzmatazz 200
Orange-A-Peel 200
Banana Berry 200
Aloha Pineapple 200
Strawberries Wild 200
Creamy Treat Smoothies
Name price
Orange-C Booster 200
Chocolate Moo’d 200
Peanut Butter Moo’d 200
Boosted Smoothies
Name price
Protein Berry Workout 220
Banana PB Buff 185
Berry Fit 185
Berry Pomegranate Power 220
Energy Smoothies
Name price
Banana Brew Blast 170
Orange Coffee Zing 170
Coffee Affogato 170
Baked Bundles
Name price
Baked Bundles For 1 235
Baked Bundles For 2 459
Baked Bundles For 3 68
Energy Bowls
Name price
Mango Peach Bowl 265
Tropical Acai Bowl 265
Mixed Berry Bowl 265
Nutty Strawberry Bowl 265
Premium Chia Cups
Name price
Peanut Butter Bliss 170
Mango Madness 170
Strawberry Passion 170
Blend Anywhere
Name price
Tropical Dreamin 260
Berry Good Vibes 260
Whey To Go 260
Razzmatazz Rave 260
Daily Mix Pack 350
Strawberry X Banana Fruit Mix 340
Banana Berry Blush 260
Mango-A-Go-Go Whirld 260
Pb Is A Moo’d 260
Blueberry X Banana Fruit Mix 340
Five Fruits Mix 440
PB But Better 270
Kale X Mango Fruit Mix 390
Creamy Strawberries Wild 260
Holi-yay Bundles
Name price
Merry Set 1229
Yuletide Set 1229
Holly Set 1199
Jolly Set 1199
Name price
Lagu Beach Blanket 1725
Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Bottle 32oz 4026
Standard Mouth Hydro Flask Bottle 21 oz 2875

Jamba Juice Menu

Menu Item

Classic Smoothies:



Strawberries Wild

Caribbean Passion

Aloha Pineapple

All-Fruit Smoothies:

Peach Perfection


Mega Mango

Creamy Treat Smoothies:

Peanut Butter Moo’d

Chocolate Moo’d

Cookies & Cream

Fresh Squeezed Juices:

Orange Reviver

Veggie Vitality

Fruit & Veggie Smoothies:

Tropical Harvest

Veggie Medley


Acai Primo Bowl

PB Banana Toast

Energy Bowls:

Chunky Strawberry Bowl

PB Chocolate Love

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