Pancake House Menu Price in Philippines

Are you looking for Pancake House Menu Prices then check here below I have listed Menu with updated price in 2023.

One of the signature dishes of Pancake House is its Classic Pancakes, which are fluffy and typically served with butter and syrup. They also offer other pancake varieties, such as blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana pancakes. Apart from pancakes, the restaurant’s menu includes a wide selection of meals like omelets, crepes, and waffles.

All prices are taken from the Pancake House PH. The following are some popular items that you might find on the Menu:

Name price
Pork Tocino – Classic or Spicy ₱299.00
Daing na Bangus ₱399.00
Smoked Golden Tinapa ₱409.00
Beef Tapa – Classic or Spicy ₱339.00
Ham and Cheese Omelette ₱259.00
Mushroom Omelette ₱259.00
Spanish Omelette ₱259.00
Cinnamon Toast ₱149.00
French Toast ₱199.00
Name price
Best Taco in Town ₱99.00
Best Tuna Macaroni Salad ₱209.00
Caesar Salad ₱269.00
Fiesta Taco Salad ₱339.00
Mushroom Soup ₱109.00
Potato Salad ₱209.00
Almondigas Soup ₱169.00
Creamy Tomato Soup ₱149.00
Best Taco Bites in Town 2pc ₱79.00
Best Taco Bites in Town 3pc ₱109.00
Name price
Pancake 2 pcs 3 pcs
Bacon and Cheese Medley ₱369.00 N/A
Banana ₱229.00 ₱279.00
Blueberry ₱239.00 ₱289.00
Caramel Banana Walnut ₱239.00 ₱289.00
Cheese ₱229.00 ₱279.00
Chocolate Chips ₱229.00 ₱279.00
Chocolate Marble ₱229.00 ₱279.00
Classic ₱199.00 ₱249.00
Classic Country Medley ₱349.00 N/A
Walnut ₱239.00 ₱289.00
Pancake Bites 10 pcs
Blueberry or Country Sausage ₱99.00
Classic ₱89.00
Souffle Pancakes ₱159.00
Name price
Bacon ₱259.00
Caramel Banana Walnut ₱259.00
Cheese ₱239.00
Chocolate Marble ₱239.00
Golden Brown ₱209.00
Bundles & Promos
Name price
Classic Pan Chicken Box ₱630.00
Pan Chicken Box Set ₱799.00
Box of 4 pcs. All-Day Breakfast ₱358.80
Box of 4 pcs. Original Pan Chicken ₱550.80
Box of 5 pcs. Make Your Own Best ₱478.80
Choose Any 2 ₱478.80
Choose Any 3 ₱718.20
Choose Any 4 ₱957.60
New! Box of 12 pcs. Make Your ₱358.80
Name price
Classic Pan Chicken ₱1510.80
Creamy Chicken Carbonara Pasta To-Go Trays ₱1078.80
Fish Rolls To-Go Tray ₱1258.80
Garlic Rice ₱538.80
New! Pan Chicken Nuggets and Fingers Tray ₱838.80
Pancake Meal Set – To Go Tray ₱1198.80
Plain Rice ₱370.80
Pork Vienna ₱1258.80
Roast Beef To-Go Tray ₱3058.80
Spaghetti To-Go Tray ₱1258.80
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Pasta To-Go Trays ₱1078.80
Filipino Favorites
Name price
Beef Tapa ₱356.5
Daing na Bangus ₱408.25
Pork or Chicken Tocino ₱310.50
Smoked Golden Tinapa ₱431.25
Special Sets
Name price
Hamburger Steak Special Set ₱379.00
House Specials Set A ₱379.00
House Specials Set B ₱379.00
Pan Chicken Special Set ₱379.00
Roast Beef Special Set ₱379.00
Breaded Pork Special Set ₱379.00
International Delights
Name price
Cinnamon Toast ₱143.75
French Toast ₱201.2
Ham and Cheese Omelette ₱258.75
Mushroom Omelette ₱235.75
Spanish Omelette ₱258.75
Name price
Classic Carbonara ₱289.00
Classic Baked Mac ₱269.00
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, Large ₱369.00
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, Regular ₱249.00
Creamy Chicken Carbonara ₱289.00
Burger & Sandwiches
Name price
Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato ₱289.00
Chicken ₱289.00
Clubhouse Sandwich ₱399.00
Grilled Cheese ₱229.00
Grilled Ham and Cheese ₱259.00
Jumbo House Burger ₱379.00
Tuna ₱229.00
Orignal Pan Chicken Burger, Jr ₱119.00
Original Pan Chicken Burger, Regular ₱179.00
Pan Chicken Burger with Veggies & Cheese, Jr ₱159.00
Pan Chicken Burger with Veggies & Cheese, Regular ₱219.00
Grilled Cheese with Creamy Tomato Soup ₱269.00
Main Course
Name price
Chicken Parmigiana ₱289.00
Classic Pan Chicken & Golden Brown Waffle, 1 pc ₱309.00
Classic Pan Chicken, 2 pcs ₱279.00
Classic Pan Chicken, 3 pcs ₱369.00
Fish Rolls ₱309.00
Hot Roast Beef ₱379.00
Special Salisbury Steak ₱329.00
Spicy Chicken w/ Brown Rice Pilaf ₱299.00
Pan Chicken Nuggets, 6 pcs ₱169.00
Pan Chicken Nuggets, 12 pcs ₱289.00
Pan Chicken Fingers, 3 pcs ₱229.00
Pan Chicken Fingers with Rice & Coleslaw, 2 pcs ₱289.00
Classic Takeout Favorites
Name price
Box of 6 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken ₱525.00
Box of 6 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken with 3 rice ₱595.00
Box of 8 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken ₱685.00
Box of 8 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken with 4 rice ₱765.00
Make Your Own Taco Bites, Box of 12 pcs ₱229.00
Make Your Own Best Taco in Town, Box of 5 pcs ₱399.00
Orignal Pan Chicken Burger Jr, Box of 4 pcs ₱459.00
Pan Chicken Burger with Veggies & Cheese Jr, Box of 4 pcs ₱549.00
Kids Menu
Name price
Children’s Classic Spaghetti ₱159.00
Mini Classic Pancakes ₱139.00
Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-coated Choco Bites ₱159.00
Slice N’ Shine ₱279.00
Name price
Scoop of Ice Cream (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla) ₱79.00
Special Halo-Halo ₱139.00
Jumbo Banana Split ₱289.00
Waffle Foldover ₱289.00
Brownie A la Mode* ₱159.00
Banana Nutella Taco ₱99.00
Banana Nutella Taco Bites 2 pcs ₱79.00
Banana Nutella Taco Bites 3 pcs ₱109.00
Name price
All Meat Spaghetti Sauce ₱661.25
Beef Tapa ₱1288.00
Country Sausage ₱284.05
Daing na Bangus ₱239.20
Fish Rolls with Lumpia Sauce ₱411.70
Pork Vienna with Breading and Polka Sauce ₱463.45
Salisbury Steak with Gravy Sauce ₱926.90
Smoked Golden Tinapa ₱284.0
Name price
Freshly Brewed Coffee ₱99.00
Freshly Brewed Coffee with 1 Refill ₱129.00
Iced Coffee (Black or with Fresh Milk) ₱99.00
Hot Tea (English Breakfast Green Tea Mint) ₱79.00
Belgian Hot Chocolate ₱159.00
Bottled Water ₱69.00
Glass of Iced Tea ₱69.00
Bottomless Iced Tea ₱119.00
House Milk Tea ₱99.00
Lemon Mint Tea ₱99.00
Calamansi Juice (Hot or Cold) ₱99.00
Lemonade ₱99.00
Cucumber Lemonade ₱99.00
Chilled Juices (Pineapple, Four Seasons) ₱109.00
Minute Maid 250ml ₱59.00
Soda in Can (Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Sprite. Royal Sarsil) ₱89.00
Floats (Rootbeer Float, Orange Freeze) ₱159.00
Milkshake (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla) Regular ₱149.00
Milkshake (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla) Extra Thick ₱169.00
Side Orders
Name price
Plain Rice ₱59.00
Garlic Rice ₱69.00
Toast Bread ₱59.00
Potato Salad ₱99.00
French Fries ₱99.00
Mashed Potato and Gravy ₱99.00
Egg ₱39.00
Crispy Bacon Strips (4 pcs.) ₱149.00
Country Sausages (4 pcs.) ₱149.00

Pancake House is a well-known restaurant chain that originated in the Philippines. It is famous for serving delicious pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast items, as well as a variety of other comfort food dishes. The chain was founded in 1970 by Milagros Basa, and it quickly became a favorite dining spot for families and friends.

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