Red Ribbon Menu with Prices in Philippines

Are you looking for Red Ribbon Menu Prices then check here below I have listed Menu with updated price in 2023.

Red Ribbon is a well-known bakery chain in the Philippines that specializes in cakes, pastries, and baked goods. It was established in 1979 and since then it has become a popular destination for delicious delicacies and celebration cakes.

All prices are taken from the Red Ribbon PH. The following are some popular items that you might find on the Menu:

Round Cakes

Name price
Black Forest Classic (Regular) ₱621.50
Black Forest Classic (Junior) ₱390.50
Black Forest Royale (Regular) ₱715.00
Chocolate Indulgence (Regular) ₱621.50
Chocolate Indulgence (Junior) ₱390.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Regular) ₱577.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Junior) ₱352.00
Chocolate Mousse (Regular) ₱550.00
Chocolate Mousse (Junior) ₱374.00
Tiramisu Meltdown (Regular) ₱605.00
Ube Cake (Regular) ₱528.00
Dulce de Leche (Regular) ₱627.00
Caramel Crunch (Regular) ₱605.00
Dedication Cakes
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8) ₱374.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱550.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Large 12×12) ₱770.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8) ₱352.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱550.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Large 12×12) ₱748.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8) ₱407.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱605.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱605.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱869.00
Active Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱825.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱825.00
Jolibee Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12) ₱825.00


Name price
Triple Chocolate Roll (Half) ₱220.00
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full) ₱330.00
Mocha Roll (Half) ₱203.50
Mocha Roll (Full) ₱308.00
Leche Flan Roll (Half) ₱214.50
Leche Flan Roll (Full) ₱330.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Half) ₱198.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Full) ₱324.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Half) ₱214.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Full) ₱330.00
Brazo de Mercedes (Half) ₱214.50
Brazo de Mercedes (Full) ₱385.00
Mango Roll (Half) ₱214.50
Mango Roll (Full) ₱330.00


Name price
Butter Mamon (Singles) ₱22.00
White Choco Almond Mamon (Singles) ₱26.40
Creamy Mamon (Singles) ₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (Singles) ₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (8’s Pack) ₱176.00
Ube Mamon (Singles) ₱22.00
Ube Mamon (8’s Pack) ₱176.00
Ensaymada (Singles) ₱27.50
Salted Caramel Ensaymada (Singles) ₱38.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaymada (Singles) ₱38.50
Choco Cake Slice (Singles) ₱26.40
Chiffon Cake Slice (Singles) ₱26.40
Double Dutch Cake Slice (Singles) ₱26.40
Choco Marble Cake Slice (Singles) ₱26.40
Mocha Marble Cake Slice (Singles) ₱26.40
Moist Choco Slice (Singles) ₱23.10
Moist Choco Slice (8’s Pack) ₱184.80
Classic Butter Slice (Singles) ₱22.00
Classic Butter Slice (8’s Pack) ₱176.00
Banana Crunch Slice (Singles) ₱25.30
Banana Crunch Slice (8’s Pack) ₱202.40
Yummy Cheesy Roll (Singles) ₱27.50
Yummy Cheesy Roll (8’s Pack) ₱220.00
Cinnamon Roll (Singles) ₱28.60
Cinnamon Roll (8’s Pack) ₱228.80
Cream Macarons (10’s Pack) ₱56.10
Chocolate Crinkles (Singles) ₱26.40
Chocolate Crinkles (Box of 4 Packs) ₱105.60
Butter Puto (10’s Pack) ₱71.50
Chicken Empanada (Singles) ₱27.50
Chicken Empanada (Box of 6) ₱165.00
Pork Pandesal (Singles) ₱25.30
Tunda Pandesal (Singles) ₱25.30
Brownies (Singles) ₱22.00
Brownies (10’s Pack) ₱220.00
Mango Bar (Singles) ₱22.00
Mango Bar (10’s Pack) ₱220.00
Cheesy Bar (Singles) ₱22.00
Cheesy Bar (10’s Pack) ₱220.00
Pineapple Bar (Singles) ₱22.00
Pineapple Bar (10’s Pack) ₱220.00
Classic Polvoron (Singles) ₱11.00
Classic Polvoron (8’s Pack) ₱80.30
Classic Polvoron (16’s Box) ₱157.30
Peanut Polvoron (Singles) ₱7.70
Peanut Polvoron (8’s Pack) ₱53.90
Pinipig Polvoron (Singles) ₱7.70
Pinipig Polvoron (8’s Pack) ₱53.90
Assorted Polvoron (26’s Box) ₱174.90
Macupuno Balls (12’s Pack) ₱52.80
Pastillas de Leche (12’s Pack) ₱63.80

Menu Item

red ribbon philippines cakes

Black Forest Cake: Chocolate Chiffon Cake, a classic and indulgent cake made with layers of cream and cherries, topped with chocolate shavings.

Mango Supreme Cake: A refreshing cake made of soft chiffon layers filled with mango flavored cream and fresh mango chunks.

Chocolate Dedication Cake: A chocolate sponge cake topped with rich chocolate icing and personalized messages for special occasions.

Ube Overload Cake: A vibrant purple cake made with ube (purple yam) chiffon layers, ube halaya (jam), and creamy white icing.

Mocha Roll: A roll cake made of mocha-flavored chiffon, filled with mocha cream, and finished with mocha icing.

Ensaimada: Soft and buttery sweet bread topped with butter, sugar and grated cheese. It is a popular Filipino breakfast or snack item.

Cheese Roll: A fluffy and cheesy bread roll that is slightly sweet and filled with grated paneer.

Butter Maman: A light and airy sponge cake flavored with butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Mango Bar: A delicious dessert with a graham cracker crust, creamy mango flavored filling and topped with mango chunks.

Chicken Empanada: A delicious dish filled with a delicious mix of chicken, vegetables and spices, cooked until golden brown.

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